The Dictator

General Aladeen is the lead character in this outrageous political comedy, a vicious militant dictator in the North African nation of Wadiya. He is a wacky over-the-top figure, politically incorrect in every way, and he is a big fan of casual torture and murder of his opponents. He proudly is attempting to build nuclear weapons to take out Israel, but when the United Nations threatens to intervene, Aladeen decides to go to New York to explain himself. However, when he arrives in New York, his uncle has him kidnapped, shaved, and replaced by a lookalike… but when the kidnapper sets himself on fire, Aladeen is let loose in New York, but without his trademark big bushy beard, so no one recognizes him in the entire city. He finds Nadal, a former worker for him, and recruits him to help him try to fit into the big city more easily. He starts working at a natural health shop run by hippies, led by a hardcore feminist activist named Zoey, whose belief are ironically the exact opposite of Aladeen’s. He begins learning that women are not just objects at his disposal and starts to fall in love with Zoey. Unfortunately, Zoey finds out who he really is, which puts a strain on their blossoming love, especially when Aladeen reveals he wants to stop his wicked uncle and re-claim his country. He must find a way to get to the United Nations, convince the world that he is the real dictator, avoid his uncle, and get Zoey to fall in love with him once again. He is a spoof of many dictators around the world, one that comes to find is muammar Gaddafi. He seems to wear the same dress as him and also comes from a very similar region (north africa) despite Cohen’s character being fake. He is also very eccentric like the former leader of Libya and carries the same flair with me

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