Schindler’s list

Schindler’s List is about a german businessman named Oskar Schindler who owns a factory in Krakow. He buys a factory to produce enamelware and uses jewish workers due to them being cheaper. He sees the massacre that occurs at the Krakow ghetto where numerous people are murdered. One incident strikes him when he sees a young girl in a red coat hiding from the Nazis but sadly she was seen on the cart if corpses. This affects Schindler dramatically and he decides instead of using them just for labor, he also rescues them and protects them. He bribes numerous officials to prevent them from being sent westward due to the impending Soviet Union invasion. He was able to make a list consisting of 850 people which is what we call Schindler’s List . He made a new factory that was supposed to make weapon ornaments in czechoslovakia and he sent all 1,200 of them to that respective factory. The factory actually did not produce and Schindler spent his whole fortune on bribing the SS officials to keep them there and not let them visit in the first floor due to jews practicing their religious rituals and observe Jewish Sabbath. He loses all his money in late 1945 but the war ends and he moves to Argentina with his wife to hide from the soviets. The movie shows that some people who worked alongside the Nazis did have a care in the world to realize that the jews being murdered didn’t deserve it whatsoever, and Schindler’s willingness to sacrifice everything to save people is heartwarming. Schindler while originally using them only for cheap labor had the heart and courageous to stand up and protect these people when he knew the consequences of saving these said people

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