Primo Levi

Primo Levi is about a survivor account of Primo Levi in Aschwitz. Primo Levi was a 25 year old chemist and an Italian citizen of the jewish race who was arrested by the italian fascists. A member of the anti-Fascist movement in Mussolini’s Italy, Primo Leviwas arrested and interned in a camp in Northern Italy, but in 1944 he was deported, along with his fellow prisoners, to the now-infamous Nazi camp, Auschwitz, in Poland. At the time, Auschwitz was not well known by name and initially the fact that they were going somewhere with a name, rather than being transported to a nameless location that meant certain death, gave Levi reason for optimism. The prisoners were crammed into windowless wagons and transported across Europe along specially-constructed railway lines that led directly to the work camps and death camps from which Hitler and his Government were carrying out the systematic destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.On arrival, the prisoners were divided into two groups – fit, young, healthy and able-to-work adults and young men were corraled on one side of the train, women, the elderly, the infirm, and young children onto the other. The latter group were taken to Belsen, where they were gassed. The former group were taken to Auschwitz, and put to work. The question I was thinking about while reading this is how did Primo Levi get caught despite being a chemist and could have been valuable for the nazis, and another question is how did he stay there even though he had the financial resources to leave the country and escape nazi persuetion. He probably had the money to escape nazi perseuction and the rest of the book when he had no idea how bad Ascuhwitz was even though no one knew how bad it really was when he is deported to the infamous camp.

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