Naimark chap 5

Chapter 5 of Naimarks book called Genocide: A world history is about Modern Genocides.The intro talks about how the maturation of modern nation-states combined with a rising tide of integral nationalism, helped the ever-increasing racial tension between people. Some of the examples he used were the massacre in German Southwest Africa during the early 1900’s. The germans decided to try to build a railroad and split the herrero tribes in half and then would slowly move them into reservations. The german leadership was split on what to do as general Von Trotha wanted to eliminate all of the Herror while the governor just wanted them to succeed to them. My question about this part of the chapter is was there any way that the Germans could have controlled Von Trotha and mitigate the damage and horror that he caused the people into. The population of the Herrero went from 80,000 to 15,000 during a three year life span due to the murderings and the concentration camps that the people were put through. The chapter also talks about the armenian genocide, which took place from  April to May 1915.The armenians went on the bad side of the Turks when they sided with the allies, Great Britain, France, and Russia. The arrest of 250 leaders of the Armenian community in Constantinople triggered the events that we call today. The estimated death count was between 600,000 to 1 million people which are more likely higher. The genocide did not have a conicse conclusion as it still continued into 1916. The last one talked about was the most infamous one in history, the holocaust. Adolf Hitler rounded up many jews, qypsys, mentally handicapped, homosexuals and others of the imperfect race into work camps where they were pretty much worked to death.

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