Holocaust Museum

I visited the museum on September 28th and it was a very expansive museum. The details of every single little thing in the holocaust was mind blowing. I couldn’t even finish the museum due to the amount of info and just being relatively tired from the lack of sleep. There were many questions that I had during the trip. My first one is could the US have done much more to prevent the deaths of millions of people or was it set in stone? The holocaust museum expanded my viewpoint on my view as they introduced so many new aspects on why it happened, for example I never knew about all the rebellions in the ghettos as I was familiar with some of them but not about the hundreds of them happening and also another interesting factoid I learned was that Franklin Delano Roosevelt not accepting the ship of jewish refugees but instead the dictator of the Dominican republic, Rafael Trujillo actually accepting the refugees and this was due to the USA’s strict immigration policy during this time. They only allowed in 25,000 immigrants per year which kinda goes against what I always thought that we as a nation accepted plenty of immigrants during the 1900’s but I never realized the very anti-immigrant population during this time. The museum I have visited it before when I was about 13 but I never remembered it being so in-depth and informative. I also liked the talk given to by the survivor which ended a good day.

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