chapter 1 genocide

the first genocide was the homosapiens exterminated the Neanderthals. The History of the Pelosponnesian Wars had an example of genocide when they massacred the melos and the book also explained the challenges and problems of the genocide. The Hebrews wanted to eliminate everybody on their supposed “land” due to god saying that this is their rightful land. They tarnished cities, temples, cultures and much more. The Israelites commited cultural genocide, which is wiping out an entire culture. The Israelites are not the only people to commit cultural genocide as groups like the Edomites and others. Another civilization that committed genocide was the Acheans. They slaughtered the city of Troy after a two day assault and ten years of the war. The chapter talked about the definition of the genocide and how not every military conquest was a genocide as genocide is a targeted killing of people who have a certain religion, race or beliefs like the famous genocides that are famous to us. The chapter also discussed the relationship between Rome and Carthage as Carthage could live with Rome but Rome refused to let Carthage live in the meditarrean and in the congress, members of the congress would changed “Destroy Carthage”. Rome invaded Carthage and despite Carthage surrendering, they refused to take their surrender and ended up massacring the population.

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