Bloodlands chap 1-5

Bloodlands: Between Hitler and Stalin by Daniel Snyder was about the rises of both leaders, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Josef Stalin came to power after the Bolsheviks could not control the nation as they lost huge chunks of territory and then had to deal with the poles who defeated the red army at the battle of Warsaw. Germany fell apart after they had to dealt with not only population and territory loss, but also the inability to have an army.Germany was struck with massive hyperinflation and political chaos during the 1920s. The insability led to the rise of the Nazi party where they kept growing and growing in secret until Hitler became chancellor. Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Soviet Union before Stalin but was murdered. Stalin was able to install his policy of collectivism easier when the world market crashed. The crashes of the free market really damaged the stability of every country and helped get dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco in power. Would the economy not crashing have prevented many of the future acts of war, genocide and other tragedies, or was it destined to happen due to Germany getting punished too harshly? The soviet famines chapter talked about how the policy of collectivism starved many peasants of the Soviet Union due to the food being spread ”evenly” when the soviets were just trying to kill as many people as possible. Why does Russia always need a dictator? It seems like every part of their history they are always controlled by a dictator even when they’ve tried democracy at some points but it always ends up being the power of one man. Men like Stalin, Lenin, Ivan the terrible, and Putin with so many more have controlled the vast nation of Russia with just them instead of a group or a democracy, just one.

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