Armenian genocide chap 7 to con

They can live in the desert but nowhere else from chapters 7 – conclusion talks about the ending of the armenian genocide and the deportations of the armenians in the beginning of the chapter. The chapter talked about how the removal of armenians started when they disarmed the armenians in  the military labor which effectively made them sitting ducks. My question is would the armenians have stood a chance against Turkey if they had the ability to own weapons or would they have to ask the allies for some help? The young turks, leaders of the Ottoman Empire during this time, suspended the parliament, the first of its kind in the Middle east. This starts the downward spiral of the armenians. The americans decided to stay neutral on this issue despite the ambassador during this time, Henry Morgenthau, was positioned to see all what is happening with the armenians. He reportedly was with the young turks and what the thinking was but really had no power in stopping the party. The ambassador argued that the reason for the mass deportation of the armenians was patriotism, instead of the more widely acknowledged reason of preserving turkish nationalism. He portrayed the Turks as peace lovers and that they didn’t look for violence which is a far cry from the truth. The genocide was able to happen under the disguise of the war and the armenians that were loyal, neutral or persistent to the empire were pushed out. The Young Turks were looking for a more turkified empire without the looming threat of an independent Armenia. Russia did not help the Armenians and may even have contributed to the genocide of them, as they bombarded city after city and killed anybody in those cities. The armenians tried to get the Russians to help them but the Russians seemingly refused to help their cause and continued there conquest.

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